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31mar - 1aprmar 3122:00apr 1- 05:00Innersense presents Ethos_v05 feat. Foreign Beggars Live !+ DISPHONIA - TWINSANITY Live feat. DJ MICRO - INSOM - JUNIOR SP. - WRONGSIDE - STIKO & WAG VATA

31mar - 1aprmar 3122:16apr 1- 04:16Christo Z - House In OrderHouse In Order

31mar - 1aprmar 3123:00apr 1- 06:00Sex on the BeatsEvery Friday

31mar - 1aprmar 3123:00apr 1- 06:00BoulebouEvery Friday

2apr23:00- 05:00Pare To RiskoEvery Sunday

6apr - 7apr 623:00apr 7Obsession PartyEvery Thursday

7apr - 8apr 723:00apr 8BoulebouEvery Friday

7apr - 8apr 723:00apr 8Sex on the BeatsEvery Friday

9apr23:00- 05:00Pare To RiskoEvery Sunday

13apr - 14apr 1323:00apr 14Obsession PartyEvery Thursday

14apr - 15apr 1423:00apr 15BoulebouEvery Friday

14apr - 15apr 1423:00apr 15Sex on the BeatsEvery Friday

16apr23:00- 05:00Pare To RiskoEvery Sunday

20apr - 21apr 2023:00apr 21Obsession PartyEvery Thursday

21apr - 22apr 2123:00apr 22BoulebouEvery Friday

21apr - 22apr 2123:00apr 22Sex on the BeatsEvery Friday

23apr23:00- 05:00Pare To RiskoEvery Sunday

27apr - 28apr 2723:00apr 28Obsession PartyEvery Thursday

28apr - 29apr 2823:00apr 29BoulebouEvery Friday

28apr - 29apr 2823:00apr 29Sex on the BeatsEvery Friday

30apr23:00- 05:00Pare To RiskoEvery Sunday


4may - 5may 423:00may 5Obsession PartyEvery Thursday

5may - 6may 523:00may 6BoulebouEvery Friday

5may - 6may 523:00may 6Sex on the BeatsEvery Friday

7may23:00- 05:00Pare To RiskoEvery Sunday

11may - 12may 1123:00may 12Obsession PartyEvery Thursday

12may - 13may 1223:00may 13BoulebouEvery Friday

12may - 13may 1223:00may 13Sex on the BeatsEvery Friday

14may23:00- 05:00Pare To RiskoEvery Sunday

18may - 19may 1823:00may 19Obsession PartyEvery Thursday

19may - 20may 1923:00may 20Sex on the BeatsEvery Friday

19may - 20may 1923:00may 20BoulebouEvery Friday

21may23:00- 05:00Pare To RiskoEvery Sunday

25may - 26may 2523:00may 26Obsession PartyEvery Thursday

26may - 27may 2623:00may 27Sex on the BeatsEvery Friday

26may - 27may 2623:00may 27BoulebouEvery Friday

28may23:00- 05:00Pare To RiskoEvery Sunday